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Friday, August 24, 2012

Club Peugeot UK visit to Kilkenny

Was told a couple of days ago that there was a group of Peugeot enthusiasts coming to Kilkenny this weekend so after a bit of searching on the internet I found some details on the Club Peugeot UK website that they were planning a weekend away in Ireland. Some more "Googleing" turned up some info about their attendance, along with the 406Coupe Club, at the Kilkenny Motor Clubs Show in St James Park on Sunday and a phone call unearthed news that some cars would be on display at the local Peugeot dealership, Morrissey Motors, in Kilkenny tonight. Once dinner was had the camera was put in the car and off we headed to see what would make an appearence.
I don't know how many had/have planned to come over but there was only a handful of visiting cars at the dealership along with a selection from the owners collection and the collection of another Peugeot enthusiast in Kilkenny. Nothing rare or exciting or just plain different like a 405 T16 or a clean DIMMA 205 just some 304's, 404's, 504's. a 205 GTi, 309GTi, 306, 306 Convertibles, 406 Coupe, 505's and a 607, the most unusual car there was a Peugeot 203.

Some more photos HERE
Club Peugeot website HERE

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TDC Charity Multi Venue Autotest

The TDC annual Charity Multi-Venue autotest run by C.O.C Declan Hendrick takes place this weekend. Starting from it's usual spot of Cow Lane in Blessington the route for the various tests will see competitors travelling along the back roads of counties Wicklow and Kildare visiting various farmyards, lanes, quarrys and yards where all the competitive action will take place. Among the test sites will be Barretstown Camp, the location of a childrens camp set up by Hollywood actor Paul Newman to provide some therapeutic recreation for children with serious illness.

Seeded entrylist
1 James Wilson Mini
2 Eamonn Byrne Starlet
3 Liam Cashman Starlet
4 Eddie Peterson Starlet
5 Frank Lenehan Starlet
6 Daniel Byrne Starlet
7 Christopher Evans Escort
8 Dermot Carnegie Escort
9 Brian Murphy Starlet
10 Enda McLoughlin Starlet
11 Simon Echlin Starlet
12 Simon Evans Starlet
13 Michael Reilly Starlet
14 Jonathan Bradshaw Starlet
15 Damien Doran Starlet
16 John Nolan Starlet
17 Harold Hassard Sunny
18 Ron Mullan Sunny
19 John McAssey Starlet
21 Graeme Colfer Starlet
22 Kevin O'Rourke Starlet
23 Richard Meeke Starlet
24 Phillip O'Reilly Starlet
25 David Meeke Starlet
26 Piers MacFheorais MX-5
27 John Kelly MG Midget
28 Martin Nugent Escort
29 John Maher Starlet
31 Alan Auerbach Starlet
32 Stefan Walsh Starlet
33 Damien Phillips Starlet
34 Mick Kehoe Peugeot 309
35 Jack Quinn Peugeot 309
36 Paul Tierney Corsa
37 James Mansfield Mini
38 Bill Griffin Mini
39 Rory Power Mini
40 David Griffin Mini
41 Paul Nolan Starlet
42 Mark Nugent Starlet
43 Paschal Dunne Starlet
44 Stephen Briggs Starlet
45 Shane Dunne Starlet
46 Peter Geraghty Starlet
47 John Heavey Starlet
48 Mark Geraghty Starlet
49 Billy Fennan Escort
50 Mick Fisher Starlet
51 Jack Kearney Starlet
52 James Fisher Starlet

Going to be a close one, hard to pick the top 3 finishers from the list

Still a couple of spaces for any late entries, contact Tim for details

Further details can be found on TDC Ireland website

Some photos from last years event