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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Back on the Stages

   After a slight absence from the rally stages, this weekend will see our return to the road side and a trip down to the Willie Loughman Forestry Rally organised by the Carrick on Suir Motor Club. The last stage rally I attended was also a Carrick event, The Ravens Rock Rally, back in June 2017. For a while I hadn't been getting any buzz from stage events and stuck to the clubman events like autotests, endurance trials, targa rallies and multi venue autotests. Why go back now?? Why not?? The Forestry Championship is getting great publicity which is helping get good entries so hopefully it will spark up my enthusiasm to head off to a few more rallies, both on gravel and tarmac during the year.
   Hopefully this new found enthusiasm might also lead to sticking stuff up on this blog a bit more often, I hope to post a few ramblings along with some event previews and reports and anything else I can think of.

Ravens Rock Rally 2017
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Willie Loughman Forestry 2016
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