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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The bug is back

No I don't have any nasty doses......but there is a recurrence of an old fever I once had and lost for about 18 months, no proper medical name for it but many know it as Rally Fever.
In June 2017 I went to the Ravens Rock Rally and went out to one of the stages, I probably picked a bad spot to take some photos but that has happened before and I made the best of what I had and enjoyed things. However that day on "The Rock" did nothing for me, no buzz, no excitement. Rallying had been a big part of my life and most things revolved around it up to that moment. I was still enjoying my motorsport and attended many autotests, classic and vintage events and targa events up North but had no interest in rallying. Plenty of craic and banter to be had with organisers, marshals and competitors at other events so didn't miss the rallying buzz.
After a bit of interest in rallying was recently sparked a trip to the Willie Loughman Forestry Rally was planned and so a hope that the old grá for rallying might return