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Saturday, January 24, 2015

TDC Multivenue Autotest, 25/1/15

The first event on the Trial Drivers Club's calendar takes place tomorrow in Mondello Park. Despite being calls a multi venue autotest the event will run within the confines of Mondello and use various parts of the International Track along with parts of the rallycross course, the paddock and some of the outer car parks. Under the control of Timmy Faulkner and Mark Doran five tests have been designed and will be completed four times each with the competitors split into groups meaning all tests will start at 9.30am and there should be no delays or hold ups during the day.

A strong entry of 48 competitors has been received and it will be hard to pick a winner from the likes of Eamonn Byrne, Kevin O'Rourke, Liam Cashman all in Toyota Starlets, Robert Woodside Jnr (Mazda MX5) Eddie Peterson (Mini) or Will Corry (MG Midget) but there will also be the slight outsiders of Declan Hendrick (Starlet), Richard Meeke (Nova) and John Kelly (MG Midget) who will be snapping at their heels.

Finding the entertainer of the day shouldn't be such a hard task with Mark Walsh wheeling out his four door 1600 Mk2 Escort,

 Dave Fitzgerald piloting a Mazda MX5 and Martin Nugent and Danny O'Donoghue driving Mk1 Escorts.

Also amongst the entry is Brian Kingston who won the 2014 TDC Beginners Autotest Championship in a Starlet but he changes cars for this event and will be seen behind the wheel of a Suzuki Ignis.

Action in Mondello starts at 9.30am with check in happening from 8.00am and drivers briefing taking place at 9.15am.

Entry list

No. Name   Car

Group A
1 Eamonn Byrne Starlet
2 Eddie Peterson Mini
3 Liam Cashman Starlet
4 Robert Woodside MX-5
5 James Wilson Mini
6 Joe Doran Manta
7 Richard Meeke Nova
8 Philip O'Reilly Starlet
9 David Meeke Starlet
10 Alex Lyons Starlet
Group B
11 Will Corry Midget
12 Declan Hendrick Starlet
13 Danny O'Donohoe Escort
14 John Kelly Midget
15 Simon Brien Midget
16 Jack Brien Midget
17 James Colville Midget
18 Bernard Bradley Starlet
19 David Fitzgerald MX-5
Group C
20 Eoin Longworth Starlet
21 Ronan Shanahan Starlet
22 Mick Boland Starlet
23 Ian McLoughlin Starlet
24 David Keane Starlet
25 Frank Dwyer Starlet
26 William Ryan Starlet
27 Shane Burns Starlet
28 Lee Deane Starlet
29 Michael Raleigh Starlet
Group D
30 Piers MacFheorais MX-5
31 Brian Kingston Suzuki
32 Dave MacAuley Starlet
33 Jack Quinn 309-GTI
34 James Mansfield Mini
35 Stephen Briggs MX-5
36 Zoe Briggs MX-5
37 Kevin Fagan Starlet
38 Kevin Fitzgerald Starlet
Group E
39 Mark Nugent Starlet
40 Martin Nugent Escort
41 Mark Walsh Escort
42 Sean O'Toole Starlet
43 Bill Griffin Escort
44 Dave Griffin Escort
45 Austin Quille Colt
46 Darren Quille Colt
47 John Maher Starlet
48 Kevin O'Rourke Starlet

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Time to put a bit of effort into this

Have posted bits n bobs in this blog over the last few years but got a bit fed up after a few posts and left it, but have been thinking about it again and had a few people bend my ear about it recently so here it goes.

Plan is to post a small preview a few days before an event I'm going to and then a small report after the event. I might also add in updates as they are available for other upcoming events and the odd news story that I come across on t'interwebs.

If you have any comments be they good or bad or if you have any suggestions please don't hold back, share them, only way I can make it worthwhile is get the views of the readers.

With all this in mind it's time to start thinking about the TDC Multi Venue Autotest in Mondello Park on Sunday.

Preview to follow.......