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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back to the Lanes

After last weekends trip to the one day event in Enniscorthy and doing a bit more horsey photography it's a return to the lanes and a trip to the QUB Targa (Lanes) Rally this weekend. This years event moves to new territory and will be based at the Baronscourt Estate in Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone. The new venue gives COC Clifford Auld a chance to explore areas that haven't been used before for Lanes events with the forests in the area being last used for motorsport almost 30 years ago when partily used on the Bushwacker Rally. Cliffords hard work in sorting the new tests has been rewarded with a maximum entry of 70 crews eager to try out the new tests. Apart from all the usual Lanes competitiors a number of entries from Scotland have also been received which will add to the excitement wondering who will master the new tests. So the big  questions are FWD or RWD?? Imperial or Metric?? and with a capacity entry with some of the top Lanes competitors it's a good man...or woman that will predict a winner.

Top 15 entries
1 Eamonn Byrne Joanna Lenehan Starlet
2 Robert Woodside Jr Deane Beckett MX5
3 Daniel Byrne Ian McCullough Starlet
4 Alan Harryman Suz Graham MX5
5 Mark Woodside Andy Blair MX5
6 Richard Meeke Alex Lyons Nova
7 Ronnie Griffin Kevin Fagan MGB
8 Neil Campbell Sandy Horne Mk1 Escort
9 John Kelly Mark (sparkles) Falkner MG Midget
10 Frank Lenehan Olwen Blair Starlet
11 Colin (cuddy) Wallace Craig (Buster) Wallace Kermit the Saab
12 Andy Hughes Neil Anderson Paul the pug
13 Alistair Barker Colleen Barker Tigra
14 Neil Fletcher Laura Fletcher Mk1 Escort
15 Norman Ferguson TBA 106

Full entry HERE

A few pics from last years event

Best of luck to Clifford and the QUB on running the event, looking forward to getting out on the tracks and snapping a few pics........Where's Waldo?????

Photos from the event and a brief review will be online on Sunday afternoon


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another day learning

Every day is a school day and today was another one for me but not classroom learning. Over the years all I have ever really taken photos of is cars either competing on events or at shows, so today I went down to the Monart Equestrian Centre outside Enniscorthy where a one day event was taking place. These events consist of dressage, show jumping and cross country so a few different opportunities to some shots of horses doing a few different things.

Reading up a few different photography websites that gave tips on photographing equestrian events they all advised high shutter speed and recommended getting the subject and background crisp, I'm more used to blurred backgrounds to heighten the sense of speed.

Followed this for a while but felt more comfortable back on the slower shutter speeds to get a little bit more sense of movement so when the cross country started I was back to shooting on my normal settings

All in all another good day out behind the camera, few new things learned and looking forward to attending more events during the year when motorsport allows

Few more from the day

More photos can be found on Peespeed Photography