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Thursday, February 05, 2015

MGCC Derek Walker Trial - Preview

This Saturday sees the 26th running of the Derek Walker Memorial Trial organised by the MGCC Ulster Centre.The event starts from Delamont Country Park in Killyleagh, Co. Down at 9.30am and will take in a total of 20 tests located at various farmyards and industrial premises between Crosgar and Ardglass with 5 tests based in Delamont Park.
Will Corry
With the MG Club organising proceedings there is a strong MG influence in the entry list with no less than 12 Midgets and 2 Sprites entered. No doubt the battle at the front of the MGs will include Will Corry, who won the recent TDC multi venue autotest in Mondello Park, Noel Cochrane, John Kelly and Simon Brien. There is a strong presence from the Brien family with Simon, Jack and Mark all driving Midgets navigated by Tiffany, Juanita and Anna Brien.

Robert Dickson
The Mini class has received a healthy entry also and will see many a battle during the day with Robert Dickson, James & Sam Wilson. Norman Ferguson and Richard Earney all wheeling out their various Mini variants. As is the norm on all the Targa Rallys this multi venue events has attracted a large MX5 entry with a number of the top drivers of the little Japanese sportscar entered. Robert Woodside will be hard to catch especially after his good showing at the recent TDC event in Mondello Park, others to watch for in this class include Simon & Mark Woodside, David Crothers, Ashley Lamont and Allan Harryman.
Robert Woodside
A trio of Starlets from the TDC make their way and will be driven by Frank Lenehan, Declan Hendrick and David Meeke,
Frank Lenehan
Entry list
1 Andy Johnson Michael Johnson UVCC Sprite
2 Mervyn Getty Richard McFaul NUMC Sprite
3 Jay Colville Conor Kennedy MG MG Midget
4 Roger Fynn Clifford Auld MG MG Midget
5 Michael Reid Helen Anderson MG MG Midget
6 Jack Brien Juanita Brien MG MG Midget
7 Noel Cochrane Trevor Reid MG MG Midget
8 Mark Lemon Katie Lemon MG MG Midget
9 John Kelly Anna Kelly UAC MG Midget
10 Alex Lyttle Roy Lyttle TSCC MG Midget
11 Mark Brien Anna Brien MG MG Midget
12 Will Corry Peter Moreland-Moore MG MG Midget
14 Simon Brien Tiff Brien MG MG Midget
15 Robert McGimpsey Fel McIlroy UVCC MG Midget Atlantis
16 Robert Woodside Sr David Allen MG VW Beetle
17 James Wilson Stephen Kearney PPMC Mini
18 Sam Wilson Simon Brewster PPMC Mini
19 Richard Earney Jamie Edgar MG Mini
20 Samuel Baird Bill Finnegan PPMC Wolseley Hornet
21 Robert Dickson Catherine Dickson PPMC Mini Cooper S
22 Davy Young Richard Nelson PPMC Mini
23 Norman Ferguson Milton McWilliams ADC Mini
24 Bryan Mutch Ken McEntee MG Mazda MX5
25 Gareth Dillon Gordon Wotherspoon MG Mazda MX5
26 Harris Cree Andrew Henry MG Starlet
27 Jamie McMillan George McMillan MG Starlet
28 Andrew Earney Jane Bicker MG Starlet
29 Maurice Eakin Conn Williamson MG Peugeot 106
30 Ian Campbell Heather Ritson MG Mini
31 Mike Adair Eric Martin MG Starlet
32 Mark Faulkner Trevor Faulkner MG Mazda MX5
33 Michael Workman June Burgess PMC Escort
34 Sam Lyle Colin Roy PMC Nova
35 Simon Woodside Stephen Dowds Larne Mazda MX5
36 Allan Harryman Suz Graham UAC Mazda MX5
37 Mark Woodside Andy Blair Mazda MX5
38 Robert Woodside Jr Bruce Drummond UAC Mazda MX5
39 Frank Lenehan Olwen Blair TDC Starlet
40 Alan Cree Lyn Cree MG Mazda MX5
41 Ron Mullen Malcolm McQueen ADC Sunny
42 Wesley Lyle Chris Walsh Mazda MX5
43 Wallace McKee Ben McKee TSCC Mazda MX5
44 Tony McLaughlin Tony Crilly TSCC BMW 318
45 Brendan Mullan Martin McBride PPMC Starlet
46 Declan Hendrick Kevin Fagan TDC Starlet
47 David Crothers Barbara Kane LMC Mazda MX5
48 Stuart Annesley Charlie Pearse Mazda MX5
49 Raymond Wilson Ernie Hunter PPMC Starlet
50 Adrian Patterson William Boyd PPMC Mazda MX5
51 Ashley Lamont Wesley Lamont ADC Mazda MX5
52 Eric Patterson Raymond Donaldson ADC Mazda MX5
53 Crawford Ewing Jnr Crawford Ewing Snr PPMC Starlet
54 David Napier Timothy Elliott PPMC Honda Civic
55 Tim Woodside Paul Woodside LMC Mazda MX5
56 David Meeke Richard Meeke TDC Starlet
57 Paul Williamson Colin Stanford TSCC Mazda MX5

Further details on the MGCC website: HERE
or the MGCC Facebook page: HERE