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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another day learning

Every day is a school day and today was another one for me but not classroom learning. Over the years all I have ever really taken photos of is cars either competing on events or at shows, so today I went down to the Monart Equestrian Centre outside Enniscorthy where a one day event was taking place. These events consist of dressage, show jumping and cross country so a few different opportunities to some shots of horses doing a few different things.

Reading up a few different photography websites that gave tips on photographing equestrian events they all advised high shutter speed and recommended getting the subject and background crisp, I'm more used to blurred backgrounds to heighten the sense of speed.

Followed this for a while but felt more comfortable back on the slower shutter speeds to get a little bit more sense of movement so when the cross country started I was back to shooting on my normal settings

All in all another good day out behind the camera, few new things learned and looking forward to attending more events during the year when motorsport allows

Few more from the day

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