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Saturday, January 31, 2015

British Road Rallying Photographer of 2014

A bit of good news came over t'interweb earlier this evening, Peespeed Photography was voted British Road Rallying Photographer of 2014 (subject to confirmation). The poll was carried out on the British Road Rallying website and also on the British Road Rallying Facebook page and ran for a couple of months.
How did someone from Southern Ireland get so many votes and how did I qualify to be even on the poll you might ask. In the Motorsport Association rulebook in the UK, Targa Rallies or Lanes Rallies to people on this side of the Irish Sea come under the rules and regulations set out for Road Rallying and since I attend so many of the events in Northern Ireland and some of my photos have been used on the BRR site I was included in the poll.

Thanks to a few mentions on a couple of car forums and the odd mention on Facebook the votes and "likes" increased slowly but surely. The end result was 146 votes on the website and 45 likes on the picture on Facebook with the total being over 40 more than the nearest rival. Just being on the same poll as some of the other photographers like M&H Photography, JMS Photographic and James Hatfield Motorsoprt Photography was as good as a win for me.

I'd just like to thank everyone who took time out to vote for me and hope we catch some more great action on the Lanes in 2015 and maybe include an event or two in Wales to add a bit of variety in to the photos for this years poll

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